Go Retro @ Royce’s Arcade

Do you frequently tell your Little about the “good ol’ days?” You remember- blowing on Nintendo games to get the dust out. Waiting for AOL to connect to the internet. Not being able to play your Game Boy in direct sunlight. Some kids will never understand the struggle. Luckily, Royce’s Arcade in Chatsworth lets you relive all the good parts of the glory days, and introduce your Little to life before Candy Crush!

My Little Sister is a gaming FIEND. She loves playing all kinds of video games, whether they’re on her computer or on a console. Growing up, I had a pretty fierce addiction to The Sims and The Sims 2, and I rejoiced when Game Boy Color came out, but she takes it a step further.

That’s why when I encountered Royce’s Arcade, I thought she’d be interested in taking a step back in time and trying out some new games. Royce’s is an all-you-can-play retro arcade located in an open-air warehouse, complete with every game you can think of from your childhood. We played all the classics- Super Mario Bros, air hockey, pinball, an alien shooter game. Though I think she would have been more enthused had there been prizes involved, it was a fun way to kill an afternoon.

Royce’s is open select days during the week, and goes for $3 a person for all the games you can play. Parking is abundant! Do you and your Little ever play games together- be they of the video or board variety? Tell us more about it in the comments!


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