Creating a Summer Volunteer Project

This summer, BBBSLA is organizing a special contest for matches interested in creating a volunteer project together to help their community. Teams will be judged on their creativity, timeline, flyer, and completion of the project, with the winners receiving Dodger tickets and a $50 gift card! If you haven’t already heard about this awesome opportunity, reach out to your Match Support Specialist for more information.


I think this is a fantastic way for matches to work together to achieve something great that benefits their community, not to mention the positive impact it can have on improving Littles’ leadership skills, potential to earn volunteer credits from school, and a great application builder for college.

I brought up the idea of organizing a project with my Little, but she was uninterested- I’m hoping one day we can create a volunteer project outside of the contest! However, I wanted to provide some tips for other matches to help them brainstorm ideas and create timelines, should they decide to participate.


Determine your cause.

  • What is your Little passionate about? A Little that loves animals, the environment, and cooking could translate into a bake sale raising money for the Sierra Club.
  • Use your outings as inspiration. Your beach visits could trigger a group beach cleanup, or your love of crafting could turn into knitting blankets for hospital patients.
  • Tap into your shared interests, and consider ways you can harness those passions for good.

Identify a method of supporting your cause.

Define your project goal.

  • You’ll need to know what your goal is to determine whether it was successful, and to keep your project purpose-driven.
  • Quantify and be specific. Are you planning to raise money? How much? Do you want to get a group together? How many people, and what is the group’s output objective?

List out the resources necessary.

  • It helps to know everything you’ll need to achieve your goal from the start so that you can outline the appropriate tasks and timeline.
  • If you need money to get your project off the ground, look into soliciting funds through Facebook, a crowd-sourcing site, your workplace, and/or through friends and family.

Create your timeline.

  • The backbone of every great project is a plan. Because the contest has specific deadlines, you’ll need to ensure you can accomplish everything you need to within a given time.

Execute the project.

  • You’ll likely need to set up meeting times and share resources between you and your Little. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks- this is, after all, a shared group project.
  • Look to other matches if you need support. We’re all here to lift one another up!


Best of luck to all of the matches participating in the summer volunteer project contest! I commend you and your Littles for making a difference in the world, and look forward to seeing the results of your efforts.


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